Saturday, August 11, 2012

Overheard at 14/48

There are so many one-liners overheard while everyone is working. It's hard to catch them all, but when you hear one, you hope to God you remember it. Comedy gold, I tell you.

(The first two were hand-delivered by Mr. Evan Whitfield.)

Band advisor, Tim Moore, to writer Jon Lutyens: "Is the whole thing in gaelic?"

Jon Lutyens to his assigned director: "I guess they don't have to die."

In the greenroom, Trick Danneker spouts some necessary needs for an actor's process: "Water.. who needs water? It's chocolate milk. And processed cheese. But it has to be Cheese Whiz, not real cheese, and directly sprayed into your mouth would work."

From Charles Smith, looking extremely relieved: "They just fucking saved my play. I was seriously thinking of trying to find some heroin so I could overdose."

While shadowing a cast in need of my faux fur chaps, which I just lent to them for costuming, "And, just a reminder, all chaps are ass-less." Yeah, I said that.

Cole Hornaday to me: "Why are you here again?" Hm.. guess I wore out my welcome.. geez.

Evan (again): "The John Bradshaw cookies are here!"

Because let's get our priorities straight people. COOKIES!

David Anthony Lewis: "Do you see my whiskey-hosen?" He shows me a whisky bottle wrapped in, true story, liquor-bottle lederhosen. You know you want one.

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