Saturday, August 11, 2012

Directors' Meeting!

Damn! It's already 3pm. Director's meeting is now. Roy is missing! ROY TO THE LOBBY!

Tech is in 30 minutes. The stage managers have added one fabulous and extraordinary, Lou Butler for tonight to help Jason Harber. Lou rocks my socks. 

Yay! Roy is here!

Show #1 seems minimal though there'll be a little crew help required mid-show.

Show#2 will have a five-foot cat scratch stand. Because, you know, cats.

Show#3: No set! Lou tells Cole, "You're so pretty!"

Tess starts to ask Cole about lighting, "So in your mind.." and he interrupts, "It's not a good place to be right now." Right.

Another song featuring kazoos and some sort of duck sound can be heard while we're in the lobby having this meeting. The directors clearly enjoy it but it's a tiny bit distracting because it's pretty funny. 

Show #4 I hear, "Blood [here], blood [here]," and am intrigued. I have heard talk of at least one show with a horror genre. And apparently some real or fake fish. Hm.. 

Intermission will require some blood clean up. Thrilling!

Show #5: "I've seen the bottom of the car," says Allison. Car? Cool! About lighting, Tess talks to Allison about a small clip light. "Hopefully, it'll look.. like a thing." Uber technical. I barely understood that.

Show #6 seems pretty simple. 

Show #7 requires a chain link fence and a see-saw. Nik's drawing is a little better than yesterday's. He says, "It's 3-D." Of course it is.

Five minutes until tech for show #1! Go! Go!

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