Friday, August 10, 2012

Act 1!

Play #1: A Beautiful Thing, by Mark Fullerton
Directed by Cole Hornaday
Cast: Justin Alley, Bret Fetzer (Mazen award Winner) and Patty Miles

A gifted football player comes to his coach with something so important he has to leave the team. And then..  holy crap! Um.. that was unexpected! Can't say much about it without giving it away. But yeah. You'll get it. Oy!

Band: War Without Tears for the transition song. Appropriate. You Can Call Me Al to open up show #2. Went a little long so Mik could tie herself up in chains. A little extra applause was given as the chains gave her a bit of a hard time.

Play #2: But None For Courtesy, by Jon Lutyens

Directed by Roy Stanton
Cast: Jamie Roberts and Mik Kuhlman

An animal activist and a zoo employee connect at the end of a long day. This is the one Mik is chained to the gate that Gary Menendez made. It's perfect. The two brick walls on either side of it are kick ass. Like seriously. The zoo entrance sign is charming. Oh yeah, the acting is good. These ladies are pros. And at the end, we find out what that conch-like horn is for. Sweet little story too.

Band: Baby Elephant Walk to transition with the kazoos. My favorite.

Play #3 Smile When You Say That, by Charles Smith
Directed by Ahren Buhmann
Cast: Corey McDaniel, Nik Doner and Anthony Winkler

This begins with a slow and deliberate checker match before an awards event this threesome are to attend. The varied faces of frustration Nik Doner goes through in this piece is more than worth the price of admission. Great! Checkers everywhere. It's extremely gratifying.

Band: We Will Rock You to transition as the boys from show #4 walk in.

Play #4 Kick It, by Pamala Mijatov
Directed by James Weidman
Cast: Basil Harris, Peter Dylan O'Connor, Jonah Von Spreecken and Erik Van Beuzekom

A very lively discussion between dads on the sidelines of their kids' soccer game that evolves into more than a discussion and possibly unbelievable glory! What a great way to end the first act!

Band: Intermission begins with We Are The Champions and an ad-libbed bit in the chorus and endearing ending by Shane Regan. Fan-freakin-tastic!

PS: Becca demands says hi to the blogosphere!

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