Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Minutes To Showtime!

I didn't leave you, I swear. I needed chocolate and coffee. I saw there was sun outside. I had to get in it for just a few. Then there was dinner and Mik rubbed out my shoulders that I didn't even realize were holding heaps of tension from writing all day. Yeah, because my job was the hard one. Right.

Now into my fourth 14/48, I welcome the tradition Erin Bryn Fetridge and I seem to have instilled: we end up talking about our day in the bathroom around 6:30pm when we find each other freshening up before the 7pm meeting. We don't plan it. It just keeps happening because after all day in the theater getting shit done, seriously, you need to brush your teeth, reapply deodorant.. you know. Gather yourself. It helps. Trust me.

Dude! THE HOUSE IS OPEN! Jodi-Paul's mash-up compilation is rocking, the band looked all pro before they left for their break, and, at the pre-show meeting, there were cheers and praises for everyone who's worked so hard today to make this happen. Opening night energy! Closing night energy! It's all tonight, baby. 

I leave you with some of the amazing pictures my blogging partner on the photography side, Truman Buffett, has been snapping all day. Settle in everyone. The show is about to start and it will not suck. 

It's 8:02! Let's do this!

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