Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meet the 14/48 Kamikaze Band

I talked a lot about the band yesterday, but neglected to introduce them. I mentioned the advisors, Tim and Michael and today, playwright David Anthony Lewis will join in. If you think that's a typo because he was up all night writing play #1 for today, it's not. He casually mentioned to someone he could be in the band if there was room today and, since he's a band veteran and Jim Jewell isn't able to participate, they said, "Ok!" I'm wondering if he expected them to do that. He looks delirious from lack of sleep, but happy. Or it could be masochistic. It's a toss up.

The rest of the band includes Alyssa Keene, Shane Regan, Matthew Middleton, Susanah Burney, and, as mentioned, Jim Jewell was in it last night.

This group worked their asses off. They're crazy talented. They rapped, twanged, kazooed, and gelled extremely well. Today, I've heard talk of something Irish and some Bon Jovi because those things go so great together. Can't wait to hear what they produce today!

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