Thursday, August 9, 2012

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. KAMIKAZE!

I've officially set myself up, ready to go with a party cup of red wine (Megan always comes through, thanks!). The artists are slowly arriving, finding friendly faces to greet and filling up the Cone of Destiny with their theme ideas. I put in two myself. I've decided three words is the magic combination, but we'll see if I'm right.

I watch Jodi-Paul narrowly prevent his tiniest of offspring from smashing the projector to bits and notice that everyone seems a little calmer than I expected, but happy. So many smiles, a sense of being open to whatever happens next. I'm sure they're nervous, but they're trained to hide it well.

Truman is snapping away at the camera and I've already heard from a few fantastic people:

Nik Doner: "I'm scared of the unknown. But it's not like I'm the only one who feels that way."

Allison Strickland: "Oddly I'm not nervous.. yet."

Evan Whitfield: "Can we just do this? Now?"

Erik Van Beauzekom: "It hasn't hit me yet [the nervousness], but I'm sure it will."

I also just heard Matt Middleton compare the 14/48 audiences to NASCAR fans because they're here to see technical know-how, but also want to see people fly against the walls.

Here. We. Go!

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