Friday, August 8, 2014

The Plays

So maybe you’ve been wondering what the run down is, who got cast in what, which playwrights are paired with which directors, and whether there any whacky titles. If so, this is the post for you. Here’s tonight’s show:

1. SIZE OF A QUARTER by Elizabeth Heffron 
Directed by Meghan Arnette
Featuring Kasey Elizabeth Harrison, Mahria Zook, Anastasia Higham & Jill Snyder-Marr

2. STATUES ON HILLTOPS by Nick Edwards 
Directed by Erin Kraft
Featuring Evan Whitfield, Brandon Felker & Jane Ryan

3. MIGHT'VE KNOWN by Jose Amador
Directed by Tim Hyland & Shawn Belyea
Featuring Andre Nelson, Lauryn Rilla Hochberg, & Christi Cruz

4. THE VOICE IS FAMILIAR by Eddie Levi Lee
Directed by Brian Faker
Featuring Pamela Cole-Hudson, Christina Mastin, D'Arcy Harrison, Carter Rodriquez, & Andrew McMasters

5. DRESSED IN BLOOD by Darian Lindle 
Directed by Kathryn Stewart 
Featuring Clark Sandford, Sam Read, Jeremy Topping, & Tracy Leigh

6. OFF THE GRID by Ben McFadden
Directed by Roy Arauz 
Featuring Tonia Daley-Campbell, Shawnmarie Stanton, & Lisa Nix

Directed by Anthony Wrinkler
Featuring Amy Hill, Stacey Bush, Danielle Daggerty, Jordi Montes & Trevor Young Marston

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