Friday, August 8, 2014

Interview with two Designers – Amy LaZerte & Cole Hornaday

Amy dumpster diving for costumes! 
Amy LaZerte’s working on play 1 and 7 on costuming and her approach is dumpster diving for play 1. The feel she’s going for is stuff you would find in an alley that might feel post apocalyptic—so what better way than to go look in some alleys? According to Amy, both plays are heavy wedding plays which provide good book ends to the show.

Cole talks about working with Amy over the years.

Cole Hornaday, working on props, is creating a stone heart out of foam. Apparently the bigger piece of foam that his portion was taken from is a veteran to 14/48 and other theatres around town. Cole and Amy have been chipping away at the chunk of foam for various props for about 5 years now and it has contributed to several 14/48 productions. It made its debut in a Theater Schmeater production as squirrel tails and in another 14/48 as an alien puppet!

(Photos courtesy of Dan Tarker) 

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