Saturday, August 9, 2014

Designer Central – Shauna Masterpool & Pamala Mijatov

I headed off with Dan Tarker (this weekend’s photographer) to find the designers. We eventually found them one block from the Rep at the Cornish Theatre Scene Shop. The place was bustling with designers talking about paint and working together to make sure everything gets done.

Shauna Masterpool working on clockwork hearts

Unlike yesterday, today’s plays are very prop heavy. Shauna Masterpool was painting a shadow box silver. She explained that she’s Megan Ahiers mother and a 14/48 virgin. She’s helping to create a clockwork heart that will allow two hearts to be exchanged. Yesterday she helped make everything for “Size of a Quarter” look post apocalyptic.

Pamala Mijatov holds a future weapon

Pamala Mijatov, the artistic director of Annex, is a virgin designer at 14/48. In the past she’s directed, acted, and even wrote during their Kamikaze round. Today she’s working on “building a diet coke can flail.” She says it’s “for a little girl to kill another little girl.” My guess is it’s for play 4. She’s also working on foam armor for play 3.

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