Friday, August 8, 2014

Interview with a Director – Roy Arauz

Roy’s been directing in Seattle for 7 years but this is his first time directing for 14/48. I asked him what he’s most afraid of with the process. “The biggest fear is always to suck,” he says, half joking and half serious.

Still, reading the play was a great start. “This one was amazing,” he says. Usually, he is drawn to drama but this play is definitely a comedy. “Everything I’m doing this year is a comedy,” he notes. Today he’s working on a play by Ben McFadden, who he knew of but had never met before.

Roy Arauz on directing (photo by Dan Tarker)

As for helping the actors memorize line, he says “every person has their own way” so “you’ve got to be flexible for that.” He’s been letting them have plenty of time to do what they need to in order to get the lines down. “Their blocking is an outline,” he explains.

As a virgin at 14/48, he’s most excited about the process. “When you come as an audience member,” he says, “you feel the energy.”

So buy your tickets and head over to the Rep to enjoy the Jerry Manning beer garden (open at 6pm)! Come feel the energy!

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