Friday, August 8, 2014

Play 6 – Off the Grid

I ventured into Dressing Room 6 at the Seattle Rep for the rehearsal of play 6- “Off the Grid”. It’s kind of a fitting name given the rehearsal space. Where many of the other spaces I’ve been in are spacious and sunny, this cast of 3 actors and director Roy Arauz are working in a much smaller and windowless space— but man are they making the best of it. Dan Tarker (this weekend’s awesome photographer—who has written for 14/48 in the past) slipped into the room with me and we were immediately amazed by the energy.

Roy and the actors having fun and working hard!

This show is very funny. Roy turned to actress Tonia Daley-Campbell asking of her character, “Does she have boundaries?” Tonia’s gleeful reply? “No!”  Tonia’s playing a free spirit, interacting with two WASPs, an uptight mother (Shawnmarie Stanton) and media absorbed teenager (Lisa Nix).

Tonia joyfully makes Shawnmarie's character uncomfortable.

Here’s a taste of some of the amazing lines in the play:
“We speak English, English because we’re white.”
“It’s like being fucked by God through the eyeballs!”

Time update: it’s 3:15, tech starts at 3:30pm! Director meetings are going on with designers—this day is moving fast! Only about 4.5 hrs left, buy your tickets now before we sell out!

(Photos courtesy of Dan Tarker)

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