Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Night Recap

Matt Richter greets the crowd with panache.
Now that the dust has settled and we're working on new plays for tonight's show, there's time for a recap of the shows from last night. 

#1  The night started with Pamela Hobart-Carter's play, But New Thoughts Appear In Our Minds, directed by Maria Glanz.  This story of freedom and complacency was a thought-provoking way to start the evening.

 Jocelyn Maher, Sydney Tucker, Melissa Fenwick and Deniece Bleha in But New Thoughts Appear In Our Minds 

#2  I kept hearing about a fish song and penises yesterday.  It all made sense (well, sort of) when I saw Scot Auguston's hilarious play, Candiru Means I Love You, directed by Peter A. Jacobs.  It all begins with the line, "You have a fish living in your willy," and ends with "Go with your superstition, it's your banana stand."  If you saw the play, you'll know whether science or "ancient wisdom" saved the day.  If you weren't here, well, I'm sorry that you don't have that ditty they were singing stuck in your head too.

Heather Gautschi, Jaryl Draper, Alex Matthews, Adria La Morticella (as both fish and penis)

#3  A couple fighting an endless, unresolvable battle and their dog that just wants to play was the topic of Olive Juice by Courtney Meaker.  Director Kathryn van Meter followed the GO BIG OR GO HOME mantra on this piece that the irresistible dog played by Brian D. Simmons going out into the audience to retrieve the ball.  Steven G. Sterne and Mik Kuhlman were convincing as a couple whose relationship seemed held together by tension.

Brian D. Simmons, Steve G. Sterne, and Mik Kulman
#4  The Tukwila 500 by Bret Fetzer and Juliet Waller Pruzan was a raucous race. Director Peter Dylan O'Connor did an ace job staging the confusion of this race of the heart where, "It depends on what race you're trying to win."  All brought to life by the talented cast comprised of Patrick Allcorn, Bradford Farwell, Elicia Wickstead, Imogen Love, Emma J. Bamford.

#5  Virgin playwright Jennifer Dice brought the hilarity to the top of the second act with Three Girl Pile-Up.  Directed by Beth Peterson and featuring the talents of Cody Smith, Jim Jewell (twerking), JakeYnzunza, and Joe Zavadil, this play explored the dark world of suburban pageant princesses and the fathers who manically support their girls while tearing the other girls down, because, competition.

Cody Smith, Joe Zavadil, Jake Ynunza, and Jim Jewell "supporting" their pageant daughters.

#6 Jerry Kraft brought us Sand Script exploring the complexity of relationships when two couples end up stranded on a deserted island.  One couple, both therapists, are trying to "save" the marriage of the less educated other couple.  This play, directed by Virgin Director Jen Moon, was a fantastic exploration of classism, among other things.

Shawn Law, Meg McLynn,  Kevin Bordi, and Jesica Avellone

#7 Let's Talk About Monica by Becky Bruhn was a backyard BBQ thriller involving one dead suburban housewife, her journal, her ex-husband and her emotionally-repressed neighbors.  We never did find out if she was murdered by her husband but we do know who she was sleeping with.  Ace direction by Ali el-Gasseir had the cast bringing some big choices and perfect timing by cast members   Gin Hammond, Lori Lee Haener, Scott Abernethy, Andy Jensen, and Ryan Spickard.

So now you know what happened last night.  Come out and see what we've cooked up for tonight.  I've heard tell of wombs, witches and whimsy.

 (Fabulous photos by Joe Iano)

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