Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Draw

Kathryn Van Meter is pleased with the actors she's drawn.

Seven plays for the theme "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"  have been written and cast.

But New Thoughts Appear In Our Minds

by Pamela Hobart Carter

Director:  Maria Glanz

Melissa Fenwick
Sydney Tucker
Jocelyn Maher
Deniece Bleha

Candiru Means I Love You
by Scot Auguston

Director Peter A. Jacobs

Adria La Morticella
Heather Gautschi
Alex Matthews
Jaryl Draper

Olive Juice
by Courtney Meaker

Director:  Kathryn van Meter

Steven G. Sterne
Brian D. Simmons
Mik Kuhlman

The Tukwila 500
by Bret Fetzer and Juliet Waller Pruzan

Director:  Peter Dylan O'Connor

Patrick Allcorn
Bradford Farwell
Elicia Wickstead
Imogen Love
Emma J. Bamford

Three Girl Pile-Up
by Jennifer Dice

Director:  Beth Peterson

Cody Smith
Jim Jewell
Jake Ynzunza
Joe Zavadil

Sand Script
by Jerry Kraft

Director:  Jen Moon

Jesica Avellone
Kevin Bordi
Shawn Law
Meg McLynn

Let's Talk About Monica
by Becky Bruhn

Director:  Ali el-Gasseir

Gin Hammond
Lori Lee Haener
Scott Abernethy
Andy Jensen
Ryan Spickard

Everyone is busy getting ready to wildly entertain you including the clouds which are currently squeezing out their last drops. 

Rehearsal happening in the lobby of the Seattle Rep

Kathryn Van Meter gets ready to direct he actors.

 Do you have your tickets? 

(Photos by Joe Iano)

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