Friday, August 8, 2014

Interview with Jose Amador

Playwright Jose Amador has never had the full 14/48 experience. The last time he wrote for 14/48, he split the experience with another writer, only writing for one of the days. Sitting down with him before he heads home, he seems confident and sleep deprived. He says he didn’t instantly know what he was going to write about, but it “took a couple hours to whittle it down.”

Jose talks about the process - picture by Daniel Tarker

He and the other writers had access to a Facebook thread last night, so they could talk to each other and keep tabs while writing. According to Jose, most people were done by about 2am, but he didn’t turn his play in until 3:30-4am. And then he couldn’t sleep. The poor guy ended up staying up until the meeting with the directors at 9am and is now very excited to get some sleep. For him and the other writers, their “job is done.”

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