Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last night...

In case you sadly missed last night's performance (or want to relive the awesome experience you did have), here's a summary of the 7 plays:

1. Size of a Quarter - by Elizabeth Heffron

Hymens. There's no better word to sum up this play. Three post-industrial brides on a journey first to sacrifice and then to save their hymens with the help of their guide. My favorite part? When they threw a mass of hymens into the audience.

2. Statues on Hilltops - by Nick Edwards

This play explored a love story with the past and the present occurring simultaneously. A sculptor, based on Pygmalion, has created a statue of his former lover. He struggles to let go of the woman from his past, which in this case translates to destroying his perfect statue.

3. Might've Known - by Jose Amador

How would you feel if you found out that your best friend had secretly set you up with her own boyfriend? That's the twist of this play, which starts off innocently by featuring a cute couple and two bantering best friends. All ends well though, thanks to Fleetwood Mac.

4. The Voice is Familiar - by Eddie Levi Lee

When the voices in a woman's head drive her to commit suicide, she ends up in a hell made up of the voices. Surrounded by bad memories and other terrible things (aka the audience), the voices keep the bad at bay by throwing candy at them.

5. Dressed in Blood - Darian Lindle

This ghost-story of a play was about a man who meets a ghost, the ghost of a young woman dressed for homecoming who was murdered many years back. Touched by death, the man puts his trust in the ghost to save him. It ends with her reliving her murder from years back. Creepy, right?

6. Off the Grid - Ben McFadden

Two WASPs (a mother and daughter) are off hiking, unable to connect. A chance encounter with a wild, free spirit changes their perspective, and gets them to throw an iPhone and iPad off a cliff. The result? The once distant mother-daughter pair are finally able to really connect.

7. Matrimonial Hitch - Rob Jones

This wedding has problems. The groom's falling apart, the bride is unhappy, a bridesmaid is in tears, and the mother of the bride is not helping. Add to that a past affair between the groom and his mother in law, and it looks like the wedding's not going to make it. That is, until the bride proposes for a second time and the couple realize they can make it, no matter what.

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