Friday, August 8, 2014

Interview with a Stage Manager – Maddie Downes

Maddie Downes is a virgin stage manager, one of only two stage managers this weekend. I talked to her during lunch. So far she had spent her time with the other stage manager, Andrew—a veteran, reading the scripts and trying to solve as many potential problems as they could ahead of time. They were working out transitions between the plays and how to keep props organized.

She and Andrew are in charge of running tech, squeezing the rehearsal of all the sound effects, light changes, sets, and props into a packed and efficient 20 minutes per play.

Maddie’s impression of 14/48 so far is that “this whole thing is like theatre summer camp.” She seemed to be having a great time so far, which is the case with everyone I’ve interacted with. “We’re at camp,” she says, “stressful, caffeinated camp with cigarettes and beer.”

Maddie talks about stage managing (photo by Dan Tarker).

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