Saturday, August 9, 2014

Alien Humanoids meets Real Housewives (Interview with D’Arcy Harrison)

Actress D’Arcy Harrison is in play 7. I sat down to interview her during lunch and Hannah Schnabel immediately walked over to figure out costumes. That’s the thing about 14/48, there’s always something happening. Any spare moment not in rehearsal is spent figuring out costumes and props or memorizing lines. There really isn’t a moment to breathe.

D'Arcy Harrison, standing, in Friday's "The Voice is Familiar" 

Hannah’s pulling out costumes for D’Arcy. Hannah’s found a number of possibilities, but both agree that she'll need to "slut them up" for the part. D'Arcy's character is a mix of alien humanoid and real housewives.

Today D’Arcy’s character develops more. Yesterday she played a voice in a woman’s head and her character was stuck in limbo. Today’s play “is less sort of dark and deep. This is more fun and social commentary.” Her character is “the one humanoid who doesn’t seem to fit in with the other humanoids.”

The most unexpected part of 14/48? “I thought there would be more pages.” She was “happy and surprised” by how short the plays were and found it to be less daunting. 

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