Saturday, August 16, 2014

Play 4: Outdoor Theater

Play 4, "We Would Like to Thank 4Culture", is taking using the space to a whole new level. Unfolding in real time, the play tracks an outdoor production of Joan of Arc gone terribly wrong. As the characters' rehearsal unfolds, the chaos leads to a Christina Aguilera cover, a shower of Frisbees, a dogfight, potentially kazoos, a stylized monologue (resembling interpretive dance) performed by two men as the conflicting sides of Joan of Arc's consciousness, and more - as Imogen Love's character notes, "That's theater in the park for you!"
Choice quote from the show: "You know, Joan of Arc -" "Yes, God?" "I never asked you, what is your preferred pronoun?"
Beth Peterson directs Imogen Love, Sydney Tucker, and Gin Hammond (not pictured: Kevin Bordi and Jake Ynzunza).

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