Saturday, August 9, 2014

The picnic table play

Brian Faker directs Pamela Cole-Hudson and Christi Cruz (photo by Dan Tarker) 
After hearing repeatedly about a picnic table that the designers were trying to find, I’ve finally figured out which play it is for! The play is #5: “Wit Beyond Measure” by Ben McFadden.  This is the play actor Andre Nelson is in. In his interview he explained that it’s about Alzheimer’s and memories.

Blogging at 14/48 often feels like connecting the dots. I hear bits and pieces about each play throughout the day and slowly put things together. Not that the play I imagine is ever the same as the one I finally get to see.

I’m not sure about this play, I can’t tell how much of it is really happening or if the main girl is just imagining things. There is a candle that’s lit—I wonder how props are dealing with that since I’m pretty sure we can’t have fire. 

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