Friday, August 15, 2014

48 Hours of Yes

photo by Joe Iano

At last night's meeting, when asked, "Why 14/48?" someone said,

"It's 48 hours of YES!"

So far, I've seen/heard these yeses:
The perfect cartwheel.
An irresistible dog.
Some very awkward dancing.
Sweet jams from the 14/48 Band.
Joe Zavadil giving his walrus impression with Red Vines.
John Bradshaw's delicious cookies.
A quorum of  patient, talented people.
A song about a fish that lives in an unexpected place (don't try to guess, just come see for yourself).
A hardworking crew keeping it all together.
"Two pairs of fishnets, iridescent body paint and a pair of sweat pants."
(and a cuddle)

Say YES.  Come join us.

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