Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tech 2 - The Underneath

Moving smoothly into tech #2! And right on time.

A bed specially constructed for The Underneath is carried out onto the stage. Once its there a swarm of actors and tech people gather around it.

Director Susanna is laying out where the action will take place.

A hand reaches around the headboard on the bed and the tech crew is talking about where to place the robot arm.

Creepy voices voices are coming from underneath the bed. They just got loud with one of the actors getting a mic - "Whiiiiiinyyy...come down to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay."

"ooh - parseltongue!"

"The only problem is that she's operating a microphone, a flashlight AND a robotic arm."

"Has anybody seen the monster hand?"

One of the designers has created a SFX right out of a horror movie. Plays out nicely against the band noodling behind them.

"Is it out? Can anybody see it? Maybe a little higher?"

"The cue is the heavy breathing"

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