Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Opening

"Sticky acting mess" - as Jodi-Paul Wooster has described the auspicious beginnings of 14/48. Introductions for Steering Committee members:

Megan Ahiers, Shawn Belyea, Kerri Brown-Wooster, Erin Fetridge, Tim Hyland, Andy Jensen, Peter Dylan O'Conner, Alex Samuels, Stan Shields, Jodi-Paul Wooster-Brown

Cheers for all, except the terrible, terrible people who are absent. Boos for them. Almost more boos than are in the keg at the back of the room. (WORDPLAY)

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LRose said...

Got it, and thx UNKNOWN for the wordplay (OH! word play? OH! That's like, omigawd, like, a SCRIPT! omigawd!).