Friday, July 29, 2011

Decidedly not a crazy Sci-Fi play

NAME: Shane Regan
14/48 Veteran

What piece are you doing? "Wrestling Match"

How is the 14/48 experience so far? “Going well. We are the first show, and I was the first actor name drawn!”

What can we expect to see tonight? “Decidedly not a crazy Sci-Fi play. Mark Fullerton and I have a 'Virginia Wolfe' type relationship where we air our drama in public.”

How has 14/48 changed you so far? "It hasn't yet, but it will. This is the easy part, we put it all together. Now we have a little time to develop it. It's that time of the day when every choice feels stupid.
What do you do when that happens? "Push through it. Make a bold choice and be honest about the choices you make."

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