Saturday, July 30, 2011

Your scripts, directors and actors

1. "Page One" by Russ Banham, directed by Nik Perleros

Starring Jesse Sherfey-Hinds, Ray Williams, Rob Jones, Truman Buffet

2. "My Oh My" by Jim Jewell, directed by Ryan Higgins

Starring Bob Williams, Mark Fullerton, Chris MacDonald

3. "Bliss Potential" by Scotto Moore, directed by J.D. Lloyd

Starring Roy Stanton, Ahren Buhmann

4. "Rescue Her" by Scot Augustson, directed by John Farrage

Starring Ashley Bagwell, Erik Van Beuzekom, Dave Clapper, Agastya Kohli

5. "A Little Soft Porn for the Start of Act II" by Carl Sander, directed by Peter Dylan O'Connor

Starring Alex Garnett, Tim Gouran, Evan Whitfield

6. "Comic Relief" by Ben McFadden, directed by Peter Jacobs

Starring Jason Marr, Ben Harris

7. "Broadway Behind Bars" by Eric Lane Barnes, directed by Stan Shields

Starring Andrew McMasters, James Weidman, Jason Sharp, Shane Regan and Michael Bama Katt


Anonymous said...

I think that Bama guy is also in Broadway Behind Bars

Andy Joe said...

Noted & posted. Thanks, Bama.

Anonymous said...

No... thank YOU!! (smiley face emoticon)