Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahiers on the verge of a sugar OD, "Not my fault" says Bradshaw

Megan Ahiers has consumed an unhealthy amount of sugar claim numerous regional doctors with large salaries.

Exclaimed Dr. Sal Nettle, "With the amount of sugar she's had enter her body, she'll probably be pooping Peeps tomorrow morning."

"It's just not right," continued Nettle, "the human body can only take on so much sugar before it begins to sweat syrup."

So who is to blame. Many say John Bradshaw is the leading culprit after leaving dozens and dozens of delicious baked goods for everyone's enjoyment. Others would claim that Megan herself is to blame for not having the ability to say, "Only one."

Thank you to John Bradshaw for all of the sweet treats and keep an eye on Megan around 10:15 when she crashes on a couch and sleeps for 14 hours.

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