Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stan Shields to direct Wolverine: The Musical

"I'm not a musical person!" exclaimed Shields earlier in the day.

This is easy to say before spending a romantic day with an inspired Eric Lane Barnes piece. After spooning with a bit of lyrical genius, Shields is singing a different tune.

"This stuff is really fun," said Shields quickly, "I have hopes to continue with musicals. Like Wolverine... Wolverine: The Musical would be off the hook!"

As he said this, Shields donned three plastic knives from the craft services table and ran around the room quoting lines from the movie, X-Men.

After witnessing the genius director huddled over a piano with his actors this afternoon and leading the sing-a-long in the Canoe Room, I for one can say, "Mr. Shields, please keep showing us your musical claws."

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