Friday, July 29, 2011

Challenge Yourself

NAME: Eric Ray Anderson
14/48 Veteran

What piece are you doing? "Running in Circles"

How is the 14/48 experience so far? "I’m loving it! I only acted once before, and I can’t remember what year it was…. And I wanted to act again, but for a couple of years I was not available. Then I started playing in a band, so I was invited to be in the 14/48 band, which I have played in almost every year since that time. That first year in the band was as frightening as acting for the first time, after that, I sort of started to find a comfort zone in the band. And the whole idea of 14/48 do something hard, so I am challenging myself this year by acting.”

What can we expect to see tonight? "The play is the same guy, in three stages of his life having a conversation with himself at the other stages. I’m the old guy. The casting for this was great, because it all fell into place very easily in the first read through.”

How has 14/48 changed you so far? “I felt I got very lucky on the draw… I feel that one way 14/48 can work is similar to a normal process is, it can be the right amount of time and the right people for the positions. At least, at lunch it feels this way…. Like it will all fall into place. Also – in the past, I have wondered what it was like to rehearse and have the band bass and drums running through your rehearsal. Now I know.”

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