Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reflection on Last Night

So I watched last night's 8:00 show from the booth, where I blogged on it live. That was a treat. For the 10:30 show I moved backstage, to see it all from another perspective. But I couldn't get a wireless signal. I reasoned with myself, "Nobody's probably reading a live blog-feed at 11:00pm anyhow, and so I hung out with the keg a little while and rested my bones before the trek home.

But before my internet connection went kaput I wrote something I figured I might as well share this morning:


"The energy backstage between tonight's first and second shows--among actors, directors and writers alike--is vibrant. There's a palpable sense of relief for the first performance having gone well, and also something of a trench camaraderie, like, 'One day down, one day to go; we're in this crazy thing together.' A fraternity: I've overheard several men reflect on how smoothly things have gone, the marked absence of [social] drama.

It all manifests in raunchy jokes, dances moves, beer and banter galore backstage. The joint is loose, the pump is primed, the blood is coursing. We're past all the "Whys" and "Hows" of the day and on to "LET'S DO THIS!"


In other news, I'll betcha a dollar Jim Jewell's My Oh My has got something to do with the mid-nineties M's. Hearing a lot of Niehaus right about now, talk of Edgar and Tino and Moyer and the old guard.

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