Friday, July 29, 2011

Tyvek Suits?

NAME: Jason Sharp, James Weidman, Nik Doner

14/48 Veterans and Virgin

What piece are you doing? "Jack of Diamonds"

How is the 14/48 experience so far? “Going well…”

What can we expect to see tonight? “Actors remembering lines… knock on wood. A bunch of hot tall men. Some tall drinks of water and two men in tyvek suits”

How has 14/48 changed you so far? Nik – "I was hoping for a Scott Augustine piece, to do something funny and silly. This is really cathartic, and it’s definitely better. It makes you delve into stuff.” James - "And we will have a MADNESS song stuck in our heads all weekend…”


Unknown said...

Uh. That's not Jason Sharp. That's Roy Stanton

JetCityImprov said...

I know - he is in the play as well, but he wasn't on the loading dock smoking....