Saturday, July 23, 2011

Company Meeting

It's going to be an evening of FLASHLIGHTS!

Apologies, but the runners are running late. So, remember the lesson from last night: Patience blah blah blah...

Napolitano Complex is all about flashlights and the ones the cast has aren't working consistently.

The Underneath needs a mic behind the headboard of the bed and a flashlight. Still looking for Mom's costume.

Safe has a bird SFX. Haven't seen the bin of fabric. Need to work with that before tech. There'll be lots of stuff on stage. Yeah, she's pretty much naked. (REALLY?! says Jason...) well, birds don't wear clothes.

Insignificant others needs to know if the table they have is the table they'll use, or will there be other? Glasses of wine on the table.

Leave No Trace also needs a flashlight and ability to "pour wine on a camp fire"

This is not 9/11 is a desk with a chair on the desk. She may add 1 internal light cue

The China Secret needs 2 music stands. The rest is band stuff. The 2 big fans are just set dressing.

Last night went well because everyone was on deck and ready to go at their assigned time, so a big thanks and keep that up tonight. If you need lighting stuff, you will be directly hooked up with designer rather than SMs being a 3rd party translator.

Cool! Done in 17 minutes!

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