Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tech 1 - The Napolitano Complex

The ladies of The Napolitano Complex are on the stage warming up just before their tech starts, complete with flashlights and swimming/lab goggles.

"This has been a busier day than yesterday"

Spy rolls and crawls are happening across the stage, stealthy-like.

"Does the light beam go into the camera there?"

There's a hoodie full of candy and snacks on the stage and kneepads just materialized for some of the actors.

Band and performers are bantering onstage about a rumor that the smoking bars in Amsterdam are closing down for tourists.

We're waiting on one band member to tech the opening of this piece. Band is running the theme song one more time while waiting and director Annie is helping set the lights for the beginning.

Trying to sort out how long to play the intro - depends on how long it takes for two of the performers to crawl over some audience members.

Its a little Blair Witch-y, with 3 ladies tracking Richard and Janet Napolitano.

Now testing out different cell phone rings to use for the phone that gets tossed across the room. The iphone's marimba setting seems to be the winner.

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