Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tech 3 - Safe

"All the pretty little horsies" by the band is transitioning us into the next piece.

Time for teching Safe, aka the bird show. We're even running a little early!

Band is practing the intro "S-s-s-s..."
"How do we spell safety?"
[They nail it on take two]

Two bottles of hand sanitizer have materialized on the stage, joining the living room setup and a few bolts of fabric.

A little pause while they get the light over the couch just right.

One actor bounds onto the stage wearing what a bustle of tail feathers attached to a swimsuit.

"You are getting nuts."
"Yes. In a can. With a seal."

Rhonda gets cheers from the band for her bird moves.

"Do you think it thinks we're its babies?"

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