Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's get the party started!

Your faithful blogger may have been a few minutes late due to parking...
Shawn Belyea, leader of the pack, is off to a running start, showing off beautiful 14/48 water bottles that everyone is getting. Oooh, ahhhh!
Some love for our fabulous Steering Committee.
We've got two Virgin stage managers! But as Shawn so kindly points out, there are no light cues this time around...
Virgins have been relegated to the sidelines while we introduce the veterana for the weekend. A few hearty boos for those absent. A particularly rousing boo for Mike Dooly. Lots of beautiful and talented faces among the vets. Seattle Center isn't going to know what hit it!
And now... the Virgins! They all look terrified. As they should be. As if 14/48 isn't scary enough, try it outdoors with planes, dogs, and who knows what else trying to interfere! Let's haze 'em!

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