Friday, September 7, 2012

Directors, Meet your Scripts

Alrighty, I've just been sent the script titles and writer/director pairings for our outdoor 14/48, "How Did this Happen?"
#1 - Ask the Trees; Written by Joy McCullough-Carranza; Directed by Rob Raas-Berquist; 3m, 1w
#2 - Everything is Hard; Written by Matt Smith; Directed by Darian Lindle; 2m, 1w
#3 - White Night; Written by K. Brian Neel; Directed by Jake Groshong 3w
#4 - The Only Band that Mattered; Written by Scott Herman; Directed by David Gassner 2m, 3w
#5 - The Short Sale; Written by Jim Lapan; Directed by Rachel Delmar; 3m, 1w
#6 - ???; Written by Brendan Healy; Directed by Shawn Law; 1m, 1w
#7 - The Music in Motion; Written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard; Directed by Andy Jensen 2m, 3w
And actors are trickling in. They'll be matched to scripts and directors very shortly...

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