Saturday, September 8, 2012

Act Two

<p>The band's brilliant original song "Self Help" with Chuck Leggett solo kicks us off.</p>
<p>Show #5 - Blank Because Blank by Jim Lapan directed by Shawn Law:

One of my favorites of the night. Two older sisters are fighting while their baby sister (a show-stealing Marianna de Fazio) plays in the pool. The fight eventually turns into bonding over difficulties in their young lives. Touching, funny, and rockin' dance moves. Way to go, band. The crowd enjoyed this one a lot.

Show #6 - Yoga, a Man's Relaxation Technique by Scott Herman directed by Rachel Delmar:

Destined to go down in 14/48 history, this.might be the first ever one-hander. Technically a two-hander, but Virgin actor Matt Gilbert has all the lines. And he's in a dance belt and leotard. Keith and Matt are rocking this one, and the audience is enjoying it. Photos of this show will be used as blackmail.

Show #7 - Time Sweepers by Matt Smith directed by Darian Kindle:

Henrietta the Homemaker is trying to win Miss Homemaker: Universe Edition. Then her future self arrives to warn her against winning. Then her even more future self arrives. And then her childhood imaginary friend unicorn. In the end, it all comes down to the unicorn trying to pee all over the stage. Yup. A fabulous end to the evening.

And that's all she wrote for 8pm. Well done all around, it is a very strong slate of shows. Let's do it again in less than an hour!

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