Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guide for Outdoor 14/48

Writing for Bears: Be thoughtful and respectful of our unique situation outdoors and with perhaps a slightly different audience than normal. No light cues.
Directing in the Wild: Use your awesome potential entrances and exits. No. Light. Cues. No.
If an Actor talks in the woods and nobody listens, is he still acting?: Save your voice. There will be basic mics, but nobody knows what will happen with that and the band, but save your voice. Take the stage! Steal focus from the world around you.
Band, or Hippie Drum Circles: There will be shade cover so you don't melt. It's an All-Boy Rock Band this time around. I hear a request for them to be shirtless...
Design, or "roughing the elements": A brief interlude to wish Veteran designer Michael Mowery a happy birthday! Get everything done by tech, and remember that one great costume or prop can make a show a success.

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