Friday, September 7, 2012

Act 2

Act 2 opens with a rocking orginal song, with Sir Charles Leggett on harmonica.

Show #5, The Short Sale by Jim Lapan, directed by Rachel Delmar: I think Sam Hagen is playing Jim Lapan himself. This play is a history of the boom and bust of Puget Sound real estate, told through the eyes of one couple and their loan officer. Outstanding props again from our rock star designers. A powerful show.

Show #6, Finders Keepers by Brendan Healy, directed by Shawn Law: The two-hander. Christine Marie Brown is throwing water balloons at Nick Edwards! It's a fast-forward highlight/lowlight reel of their relationship. Clever, sweet, moving. My favorite of the night.

Show #7, The Music in Motion by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard, directed by Andy Jensen: "Glenn with two Ns, like gunnery and innards" is my favorite line of the night, but there are quite a few gems in this one. Shermona Mitchell, Patrick Allcorn, and Colleen Robertson are rapping and singing their way through a school assembly about drugs and safe sex. Melissa Fenwick is the horribly unfit teacher and Daniel Chercover is a misfit student. A great way to end the evening.

And that's all she wrote for night one! An outstanding slate of shows. Heavy on comedy, which is perfect for the outdoor setting. Great use of the space from everyone,and no sound issues that I could hear. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings on the topic of Self Help!

Talk to you all bright and early tomorrow morning! Get some sleep.

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