Friday, September 7, 2012


A very respectable audience for the Friday 10:30. And the band gets us off and rolling!

Jodi-Paul is preaching his usual spectacular sermon on how amazing 14/48 is. Everybody looks surprisingly unfrazzled, I must say. Can't wait to see how tomorrow goes.

Show #1 (I'm working without the set list here, so forgive the lack of titles and directors): A crisp comedy about fairy godmother/father training in fairytale land. Matt Gilbert is adorable in fairy wings. Michael Patten is sporting a delightful British accent. Clever use of the trees that make up part of the set. Great work all around.

Show #2 (the names are projected on a screen... So I'm an idiot), Everything is Hard by Matt Smith, directed by Darian Lindle: Rock band Everything is Hard is falling apart. Mutiny from three-handed musician Donna. Drama between the lead singer and the manager. A classic Matt Smith comedy, with great participation by the band.

Show #3, White Night by K. Brian Neel (Mazen winner!), directed by Jake Groshong: A gunshot makes for a tense start to this one. It's about a cult, so we quickly move into funny territory. Three women left behind after the salvation, three different reactions to the death of their great leader. A very dark ending. Nicely done, Mr. Mazen.

Show #4, The Only Band That Mattered by Scott Herman, directed by David Gassner: Brilliant skee ball prop from the design team. Hilarious costumes are really adding to this one. Parents and daughter watch a flashback about the parent's youth trying to see The Clash in concert. It gets amazingly awkward, followed by a very sweet ending. Nice work all!


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