Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tech Run #5 - Blank Because Blank

The band runs through their kick-ass original song "Self Help," and we're ready to go with the top of act two. Jim Lapan's piece features Marianna de Fazio as a one-year old baby, and Allison Standley and Amy Hill as her two older sisters. Sweet and moving, with some fun music and choreography. They basically move right into a full run. Shawn Law has done a good job directing this one. Everything goes off more or less without a hitch, and after some fantastic Spice Girls from the all-man-band, we're off to show #6!

(Side note: 10 points to Jim Lapan for the Chuck Leggett reference, and 10 points to Amy Hill for getting the Chuck Leggett reference line both days)

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