Friday, September 7, 2012

Coming Out of Lunch

This is my third weekend blogging for the 14/48 in the last year-and-a-half, my prior two goes being at ToJ and ACT respectively. As we conclude lunch, and design team runners return with their arms full, and I begin to hear talk of tech, something that continues to occur to me is how very different today is than any of my previous '48s. Mainly it's a spatial thing. Actors, directors, designers, and volunteers alike are--many of them--working side-by-side in an expansive, open, outdoor area. This as opposed to retiring for much of the day to get things done in relative solitude, behind the closed doors of designated rooms.
There are three ensembles utilizing the stage space right now, which is beyond unusual. I've never seen that at a 14/48. Generally most ensembles don't get to see the stage till tech. That's a welcome convenience for many, I'm sure, and the sunshine is probably doing people some good as well. So the atmosphere out here, to my humble discernment, is of contented-yet-eager diligence.

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