Friday, July 22, 2011

On the streets with "Instructions"

Mik and Lisa are walking through the streets around Theatre Off Jackson in one of 14/48's first field trips. They're trying to interview people as they go along.

First up:
Mik: Can I ask what you think about the phrase "patience is a virtue"?
Pedestrian: Patience isn't a virtue
Mik: Can you elaborate?
Pedestrian: I can't right now, its time for lunch.

And then:
[in a flower shop]
Lisa: [explains 14/48, Theatre Off Jackson]
Worker: Can you wait? I'm in the middle of making something.
Lisa: I can wait!

After waiting and checking how they're doing on their time ("7 minutes until we have to go back"), Lisa snags the flower shop worker briefly and Mik interviews a couple of women on the street who let her record them saying patience and a few other key phrases in other languages.

Off to Uwajimaya!

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