Friday, July 22, 2011

The Beautiful Part

Walking into the rehearsal for The Beautiful Part is a perfect window into the controled chaos of 14/48. While the writer discusses her play with the cast and they fire a few questions back at her, the director is standing right next to the group discussing staging with the designers...and everyone is at full voice, but no one seems to be bothered...until the band starts learning the theme song and that becomes one too many layers of chaos (which is simply resolved by closing the door from the lobby to backstage).
As I walk away I overhear:
"Three stages of women-Insane, Normal, or whatever, and Pulled-together." (which gets a gleeful laugh from 2 cast members).
"So, 'patience' will be on the part of the audience having to watch them go through this...."

Which, I GUARANTEE, does not sound anywhere near as awful as it sounds!!

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