Friday, July 22, 2011

Instructions for Making a Play made it to tech!

Checking back in with Instructions for Making a Play and they're on the stage for tech with freshly printed scripts being handed to the band and crew. This is the only ensemble generated play tonight(historians - is it the only ensemble generated piece in all of 14/48?) and they've spent the day working on using Mallery's instructions to get here.

They're taking a little extra time to set their special lighting and to get the set just the way they want it. The opening features a mix of live music from the band and recordings of text that Lisa and Mik got from pedestrians on the streets around ToJ.

Remember, since all of this morning was spent researching, preparing and doing fieldwork, they've created all of the text, movement, blocking, cues and everything else this afternoon. And it even has a cue for a couple audience members. This is a 14/48 dream team we're dealing with, people.

Even a minor injury during tech couldn't hold them up.

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Susanna Burney said...

PS That piece fucking rocked.