Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Walk-About Through Morning Rehearsal

I took a stroll through all 7 show's rehearsals and here's the seen-heard-said:

This Is Not 9/11
"Let's rise tot he challenge because it's 14/48...because this is the time to make a-typical choices"
"She hasn't had a lot yet & this is how it's gonna end?"
"...finding the natural see-saw; the tethering that keeps each other balanced."

The China Secret
As Kelly Kitchens discusses a slo-mo kung-fu fight lighting effect with Mandi, the cast tries to ignore that their rehearsal space is already a million degrees and the car alarm going off right below the window. "The guy's in it, too" "Really?!"
They start to mimic it, then sing to it, then escalate to an orgasmic pitch, which is now louder than the car alarm and catches the attention of the driver. Everyone laughs. But, the alarm keeps blaring and the heat in the room keeps rising. Kitchens decides to move rehearsal to a more crowded level, but a much cooler level of the space, which involves moving crap around.
The car alarm stops and everyone cheers and then turns to the window to applaud the driver, who acknowledges the accolade...and then the car alarm starts up again.

Insignificant Others
"I love moo moos! They're like big underwear for your whole body"
"I studied Yiddish for two years."
Can't WAIT for a Ninja Girl-fight!
I can do karate...

The Underneath
A mannequin arm with a glove on a stick, a 7yr old, a pre-teen, a mom, a monster, a large bed and a robot arm with something inappropriately sharp and dangerous for a 7yr old on the end of it.
"Oh, my God," says a band member.

Napolitano Complex
As I walk in an actor is crawling on her belly toward the other two to deliver contraband Ding Dongs. They are now afraid they'll get in big trouble and show off the battle wounds on their arms, legs and ... butt? ... to prove their point.

overheard from the admin office: "....we need someone to test whether that will blow all the circuits, so....yeah."
"Most of them are schmeared"
"'s nothing, the hinge or something."

As I walk in, Mik Kuhlman is happily getting her head "skweeged" by Erin Fettridge. "HARDER!"
"Like this? Or, like this?"
"Oh, yeah, yeah....yeah."
Carol wraps up notes with costumes and props and then turns to her cast and pulls up her shirt, "I'm so happy I just have to show my belly!"
The cast giggles and joins in with belly-flashing and then turn to me, so...I comply. My big ol belly has now been blessed by the buddah belly belles of 14/48.

overheard from the house:
(rapid fire enthusiasm)
"...and then this..."
"...and you can..."
"yeah, ya...!"
"and when this happens, then, ya know, yeah!"
"I love that! And then she can hop!"

Leave No Trace
Lots and lots of camping gear and issue circles around vests, boots and jackets.
They then take the time to find a clip from the movie, "Nell," to watch on someone's smart phone (how the hell did we do 14/48 before wi-fi and smart phones anyway?). The trailer isn't what they were looking for, but they all have a great laugh over the possibility of using the overly orchestrated epic-movie-about-life music.

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