Friday, July 22, 2011

Tech Puppy Love

First look for play 5?
Building it...

Breaking bones seems to be a curse for the leads of ACT's recent show " the New World." Carol's got a broken foot.

While light cues get built and stage is spiked, the band played on, rehearsing their theme song.
....and then...

AAAHHHH!! Frickin Air Supply! AAAAHHHHH!
And with that a band member darts up the aisle declaring "It's Beer-o'clock."

Patience? Having to walk around in frickin flippers

Jason's feeling so good, he takes a chill on the couch

You look really nice in the turtle neck.
I don't take my turtle neck for just anyone
NO...I come from a long line of yeasty women...

Uh, we'll have to run that again....
Oh, Jason....

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