Friday, July 22, 2011

Tech Monster Mash

The band rehearses Que Sera Sera...
The ladies are in fancy dresses, night gowns

Music goes, lights cross fades and we're set and then we'll all have a good time. I love tech time! (Jason)

Hey - why's the band so dang hot? Hot? Loud. Keep the hottiness, of course! But down on the volume. Too much for a small house.

No run through. Let's jump to middle...
She needs a shawl
Spiking and jumping to top of 6, no, how about 5 coming into the ritual.
Carry grandma into the special, cross fade, that's for the band....any kind of ritualistic vocals, drums get faster and faster....
I give up! I'm going to find some kittens.

Ohmygawd. They ate grandma.

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