Friday, July 22, 2011

Tech The Beautiful Part

A kazoo! Finally!
BAND...please...quiet on stage (they're having too much fun)

Ah, the traditional circus theme....

I see someone be-sheeted in a toga and another in a glitter-fied top hat. OH! and pretty glitter on the chaise lounge. OO, and pink mardi gras beads. It's.So.Sparkly (that's for Rhonda...Llysa: make sure she knows!)

Simply translated, that would be... No.

Music is too long. Still too long. Nope. Still too long.....OK...that works.

Jumping to pg 3...lights?
Oh. boobage grabage whilst sprawled elegantly on the chaise (or, is this a fainting couch?)
Yeah. If they are in togas, then this is the obvious place for the harp!

da belbo...(for you Shakespearean-ites) is the "special part"

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