Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tech 7 - The China Secret

The kung fu musical is closing out our night. AKA "Kung Fu Jesus."

We begin with a ritual entrance complete with monk robes. "Once upon a time in China"

We're running right now without backing from the band, who will add in instrumental later on.

First number is a hymn with exposition about a girl who wants to become a kung fu master. Second song has a sheen of Sheila E to it. Just a little.

Next song interlude comes with sock puppets!

Now we're into a country-flavored song.

The girl who wants to be a kung fu master has begun to gather a following of stoners. And suddenly she saves a fallen sister, Laz, with the thousand needle pricks technique. "Just a little aggressive acupressure, no big deal."

Some doo-wop about the mastery of the secret scrolls and the girl's miracles.

Karate fight!

Some blues, some harmony and we're out!

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