Friday, July 22, 2011

Highlights from the director's meeting

Show #1 - "Is the dildo in the box?"

Show #2 - The director has cut a couple lines, but assured everyone that "there's direction happening" in lieu of it.

Show #3 - "The only thing I'm waiting on is a ship in a bottle. Don't ask."

Show #4 - Monster Mash has a ritual that needs to be carefully timed with the band - they'll be using their tech to set that along with the song.

Show #5 - Simple tech set up from director Carol, but with a great list of props!

Show #6 - Tech question all comes down to velour - who wants it, who might have it, but with assurances that it'll be here in time for tech.

Show #7 - Director Makaela is asking to test out 3 different lighting schemes to get the right effect for the waterfall.

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