Saturday, July 23, 2011

Band update

All the band liasons are returning from talking to directors and they're making their lists of the songs that they need.

"Do you want to play Peter Gunn or James Bond?"
"I think Gunn might be easier."
"Can you play Mission Impossible on the flute?"

Why yes, Mission Impossible can be played on the flute. The list of artists being considered grows: Steve Miller Band, Prince, Indigo Girls, etc.

The cast of show #3, Safe, enters to map out some entrances and a couple bits of blocking. A flash mob of 2 are on the stage, dancing to the spy themes that the band is practicing while the lighting crew starts working on the new setup.

The band hears that there's a musical in the lineup and begins plotting.

"Oh! We need 'Kung Fu Fighting'"

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